Losing, again…

Well, last post I lost my job. Next up, my house and the only reason I had to come home to that house after everyone left me there.  I may have a new job tomorrow, just not in time to save my house. Or to keep my boy. So, now I begin the packing and moving my belongings to storage again. And saying goodbye to my dog. All a result of a wife who left and went back to drugs instead of a stable life with a good job and a family she claimed to love. I know now that I am meant to be alone. I just wanted to keep my dog. Looks like I don’t get that option either. Mr. Impossible is out of miracles. I knew it would happen sometime. I would be ok if wasn’t for the fact of doing nothing but losing something constantly over the past two years just keeps running through my head. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t always stuck in these situations alone with no prospects of help from anyone. I can’t even find someone to keep my dog safe. I used to tell him “it’s just you and me”. Now I have to give him up. Life’s just a giant punch in the face.


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