I sit here, riding this train, on the way to work, wondering what it’s all for. Work, little sleep, no time for myself, haven’t been able to fully relax in forever. And watch the world go by like a stranger to it all. This life, or what passes for one, sucks.



I managed to pull off the impossible, only for it to happen again? Still managed to find a way past it have a roof over my head, but for how long. Battling pneumonia, missed a friend’s visit with her baby this weekend, and back to work and it’s related drama. Oh, and my neighbors are reenacting the fight scenes from what’s love got to do with it nightly. And I can’t do a thing about it because I didn’t see it happening. Poor woman’s gonna be hospitalized if she’s lucky. I have yet to move from the place I’m in which started out with promise, but now just reminds me of nothing but failure. Well, gotta go. Work tomorrow. Guess I’ll rest when I’m dead. Till next time…