This just in…

My coworker can’t sing. That is all…


Crappy New Year!

Well, the Mayans were wrong. Or they just ran out of room on their calendar. I still haven’t heard from my “significant” other and life hasn’t changed much. Still over-worked and under-appreciated. I’m not even going to mention pay. Thought I had the day off. Yeah, thought I did.

Till I get to Annapolis to visit my mother and get a call from my boss asking me why I’m not there. Mention the posted schedule, only to be told that it’s wrong.

So, I’m back on a bus headed to work.nevermind that I’ll be 4 hours late. Whadya wanna bet it comes with a write-up? Yeah, good times huh? And I don’t dare ask for time off.

Even though I only have 310 hours of paid time off. No rest for the weary. Ever. Oh well, it’s just me, I don’t matter.