Mission impossible

Picture this. Never being wrong. Wait, let me rephrase, never being allowed to be wrong. Knowing what happens if and when you screw up you know you’ll catch hell. And knowing others have been and will not get half of what you do.

Knowing that someone above you expects way more from you than you’re allowed to give. And also knowing if you don’t deliver, they’re never gonna get off your back about it, in public or private. Knowing you can’t fail. Having to plan for the worst and be ready for the sh&t to hit the fan at any time.

Oh, and be a rock for others having no support for yourself. Knowing that you will have to give up the only friend who’s always happy to see you to go and care for another who is dying and not know what the future holds afterwards.

And a family that can’t help you because they have their own issues. Impossible mission, hell yeah. But I will find a way to carry it out anyway.

How? Why should I? I don’t know how yet. And why, because I’m me, Mr. Impossible, that’s why. It’s what I do. Rest, relax. F that, I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Welcome to my life. I’m always in the crosshairs. Rant over, I got shit to do. I’ve wasted too much time here already…


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