Dazed and confused

I was almost asleep when my estranged wife (and that’s putting it very lightly!) calls and tells me basically that she’s got cancer and to file for divorce and drop her from my insurance so that the state she’s in will pay her medical bills. WTF? Yeah, sleep, it went bye-bye. I’m all kinds of confused. I’m alone in a townhouse I rushed to rent so I could get my family back together, only to see them go 3000 miles away. Almost a year ago now. And now this?


3 thoughts on “Dazed and confused

  1. Take the rest of the weekend to push this aside. Just don’t even think about it, don’t make a decision. She has done this before. Take your time and do what’s right for you, please.

    • I failed to do what was right a long time ago. And can’t change that now. At least one of us has the chance to be happy. I’m playing poker with life and the deck’s been stacked against me. Someone’s seen fit to keep me in the game this long, I might as well play the hand I’ve been dealt.

      • Are you a closet masochist? Change the rules. I did. I’m not totally thrilled with everything and much is out of my control, but at least I know that these are my consequences, and not the consequences forced on me by going with the flow. Take a moment, go back and listen to Brook’s The River. You are not done yet.
        Stop. Just because you made a decision later than you think you should have doesn’t change the particular worth of you as a person, a man, a friend. However, snorkeling in your particular muck doesn’t really do anything for you. Anything good, at least.

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