Maryland misery.

It’s time to make a move. I need to get out of Brooklyn. Out of Maryland period. It just doesn’t feel like home anymore. Funny, I’m thinking about breaking free from the ghosts of my past holding me here. That and not being able to keep anything or anyone I love close to me. Where to? Don’t know yet. What will I do when I get there? No clue. How am I getting there? Don’t know, but I’ll get it figured out. I just know it’s time to move on. Like Rascal Flatts said “at last, I can see, life has been patiently waiting for me!”


One thought on “Maryland misery.

  1. We’re in the same boat. Gah. my past is still hunting me now. the people and the fact that my memories’s emotion are killing me, this is random but yeah first time ever being here haha

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