Of being the good guy who gets passed over by life. Always smiling from the sidelines while my life goes to shit. I’m genuinely happy for my friends who are finally getting the happiness they deserve, but wonder, when is my turn coming? Will it ever? Or has my time in the sun been and gone? And what was happening to keep me from seeing this?

It never goes away. The nagging feeling that I screwed up royally somewhere awhile back and not just Chickens, but every bird imaginable is coming home to roost.

It’s my day off, I should be happy and trying to enjoy my time off. What do I have planned? Work, lots of it.

The highlights of my days are walking my dog and sleep. If someone had told me this was gonna be my life at this point in it, I would’ve asked them “who wants to live for that?” Apparently, me.

So, I’ll lay here, wondering “wtf”, until I get up and do what I have to. Gotta give a shout to the only constant in my life, though he can’t talk. At least he’s happy to see me and there when I walk through the door. All he asks for is a good walk a chew toy and for me to throw his tennis ball for him. He may not be human, but he’s all I’ve got waiting for me at home now. Oh well, it is what it is….


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