It’s been awhile…

I know, I haven’t been here in awhile. Not much has happened. Work still sucks. I’m still in Brooklyn and it still sucks, besides the few friends I’ve made. But my boy Jasper and I are hanging in there. The court ruling isn’t helping matters. Luckily, Jasper isn’t the kind of dog to just off and hop on someone. He’s more likely to rolling in someone’s trash pile in their yard. I’ve been through more than one 2AM dog bath. As for me, I still have a job and a place to live. I just need some time to get things in order and figure out my next move. Because nothing has gone as planned this year. And it’s time to do something about that. The what about it and how this is getting accomplished has yet to be revealed to me, but it will be, I’m sure, in due time. We shall see.


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