Walk the line…

As far back as I can remember, I kept a small handful of people close to me. They usually never stuck around longer than two or three years, tops. I was mostly a loner.

Most people still either love me or hate me, but there is no human who is there as a presence day in and day out anymore, not even my mother.

I always knew it would be the case, just didn’t think it would be this way this soon. I was once told I would have many loves who would come and go from my life. Little did I know, I’d pick the wrong one to share it with.

That ended up with me here, watching most of my friends lives from a distance, working, barely sleeping, planning a vacation I’ll most likely not take, while my own family is gone , leaving me here in the cold. Literally.

Nothing brings me joy anymore. Not pool, not photography, not even chilling with the only constant in my life. He loves me without question, but he can’t talk back to me. Not that I can understand anyway.

What is my point, you ask? It’s simply this. I may as well face it, my path is a solitary one. I will walk the line until life tells me I’m done, expecting nothing from it or anyone in it.


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