Questions . . .

Everybody’s got em. Here’s mine. Why did I end up here? What’s next? Did she ever truly love me enough not to leave me like this? Why do I worry when she nice to me? Why am I always right to worry? What happens when I stop caring? Why have only 2 friends been there checking on me and even bothering to try and help me? Where is my help and why the fuck is it taking so long to come? Why do I feel like Garth, much too young to feel this damned old? Why do I ways feel alone? Am I meant to be?


Upward and onward

It’s funny how your mind processes time. I day you’re sitting in training saying hi to somebody. The next you’re saying goodbye as you watch them walk away. Between those two days have been a pretty good friendship, almost like a brotherhood of sorts. You get used to seeing that one person walk in and know the family’s all here, ready for whatever. He’s not there anymore and my workday is a little emptier because of it. Now the other is thinking of doing the same. I’m getting a little tired of being the last man standing. But for now, what is, is…