Storm watch 2011

Just watchin a movie with the pup.


Weathering the storm…

Well, it’s just me and the pup. Along with a 3800 pound beast I can’t drive in the back yard. I’m sadly used to getting left behind. I don’t even have tears for the situation anymore.

I’ve always known I stood apart from the world. I just didn’t think that included my immediate family.

I lay here, typing and listening to some old Garth Brooks, wondering where life will take me. If I’ll be able to come out other end of the tunnel before the light attached the oncoming train gets me. I dreampt I would face the mess I am in a year ago. I didn’t listen. And didn’t prepare for what came next. My bad. And I have no close support.

Guess I have to put on the big boy pants again and start diggin outta the hole I’m in. This storm is just starting to brew. I just hope when rolls in, it doesn’t take me out with it.

Murphy’s got me in his crosshairs again. I still ain’t that easy to hit. But damn, I’m getting tired of dodging. I’ve made it through worse.

But I had more help then. This time it’s just me.

Hope I can weather this storm…

1 tired son.

Going cold…

I’ve spent most of my life as your average nice guy. Trying to be the one friend you could at least call and talk if you needed to. I’ve never broken any major rules, vows, etc. What has it gotten me? Ready for it? Ya sure? Jack shit, that’s what.

My good friends are scattered to the winds and I’m stuck by myself. Again. At least my dog is around to keep me company. But that’s all I’ve got. I need to take a vacation, but I have nowhere to go.

Don’t even get me started on money, cause I have none. My money seems to say one word to me. Goodbye.

There are flashes of light here and there cutting through the gloom. But they’re getting to be few and far between. I see myself becoming a cold, heartless sumbitch. And that’s not gonna be good for anyone that crosses me wrong.

Instincts long buried are coming back. I can either take those as a reaction to where I’m living now or just my mind subconsciously preparing for something that may happen soon. Either way, I don’t like it much. Guess I’ll see what the future holds as it unfolds. Till then I’ll suck it up as much as I can and keep moving. What other choice do I have?