Why do I even bother trying? I bust my a$$ working through being threatened cursed out and just plain beaten down by arguments with more idiots than nice customers for a commission that got eaten by taxes. I still have bills that must be paid and no help is coming from anywhere to help me with them. Most of my customers get their “checks” this weekend. My “taxes” paid their checks.

Think I’ll get any of it back? I don’t. But I’m going to work today for some more abuse. Like the good employee I am. I feel like Paul Lawrence Dunbar, wearing a smiling mask for the world, yet dying with each breath.

No way am I going to be able to take a vacation in the true sense. I get to work for my whole “vacation” this year. Repairs and cleaning for me! I might be able to get a day to not bust my ass. But don’t quote me on it, cause I probably won’t get any real rest. Soon enough, I won’t have any help around the house. Not like anything is being done in my absence anyway. My poor dog doesn’t get fed unless I feed him. All I want is to be able to enjoy my time off. Not worry about everything I have to do and wonder what I’m forgetting to do. But that’s all I can do when my life consists of working and coming home to more work. Guess I’ll rest when I’m dead. Cause while life lasts, I’ll be working.