Well, here goes…

Writing has never been easy for me. But, once again, life forces the words to flow. I feel like I have target on my back that only bad vibes can see and take aim at. Because I for damned sure don’t see anything good coming of my current situation. My wife is doing the same things she’s done when she’s preparing to leave me. The arguments out of nowhere, drama for drama’s sake. hanging out with everyone but me, etc. Only this time, I get left holding a car note, a lease, and a leash. What have I done, you ask? Hell if I know. When you figure it out gentle reader, let me know. I for one could use an explanation. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to shake the chaos that seems to me find wherever I go. But I will not be an easy target to hit. Never was, never will be. hence the name.